Clobber Clothing Website

Clobber clothing owner Anna Read wanted a website that reflects her beautiful Nailsworth shop. Her website incorporates an automated newsletter sign up and Twitter integration – Anna can send a Tweet on her phone and it instantly appears on her website too.

The website also features a ‘slider’ on the front page, showcasing Anna’s latest stock.

Please click on the image to pay a visit to the Clobber Clothing Website.

Wildlife Wonder Website

Wildlife photographer and nature course specialist Iain Green commissioned me to build website that showed off both his photographic and his course leading talents with an emphasis on raw, outdoor living.

The website is bright and vibrant, showcasing Iain’s fantastic photographic skills but also being a source of information regarding Iain’s work.

It incorporates a blog, gallery and calendar – all updateable by Iain – to keep the visitor informed of his recent work.

Iain’s website is a prime example of the power of pictures in websites.

Hillesley Primary School Website

Hillesley Primary had the classic problem – a website designed by a school friend for nothing – which was difficult to update and a mile away from being compliant with today’s exacting Ofsted standards.

Hillesley had a clear vision for their website, and they were a pleasure to work with. They had previously employed the services of  Paul Groom photography and the quality of the photography makes a huge difference to the site.

Cam Beer Festival

A quick and easy site for a hugely popular beer festival.

Something must have clicked – the festival sold out months before the event!

Bluebird Drones

This is my other business – commercial drones services. The site is picture heavy and easy to update with the latest news and photos.